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Karlovy Vary

  Karlovy Vary - a city well-kept parks and gardens, a galaxy quite unique fairy houses and buildings of various architectural styles, city of grand cafe, hospitable hotels and tempting shops.Seeing the architecture scenes of the city, you will understand the great Le Corbusier, who called it "rallies cakes." It is a city of traditional glass and porcelain

  Karlovy Vary - Czech Republic, the largest resort - is located 120 km from Prague, 45 km from the border with Germany, in the valley of the River heat at its confluence with the Ohře. The picturesque valley at an altitude of 400 m above sea level and surrounded by the Ore and Doupov mountains covered with fine Slavkovsky Forest.

  The town is built step-terrace, which gives it a special, very picturesque appearance. Beautiful parks and promenades with many life-giving sources give appearance of elegance. 
Karlovy Vary
  The city center is composed of fine mansions, numerous sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels and colonnades with 12 mineral springs with temperatures ranging from 41 to 73 degrees Celsius, the most famous of which is "Thermal Spring" - a natural geyser that throws a depth of 2.5 kilometers around 2,000 liters curative mineral water every minute. Karlovy Vary mineral springs are classified as bicarbonate, sulfur-chloride-sodium thermal waters. 

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