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Travel to Venice

  Venice - the most amazing and unique city in the world, built on the water. Venice is called "living in Europe." The current Venice is beautiful, but its future is uncertain - and the bottom of the lagoon of the island tend to fall. Thus, in some periods of the city submerged in water for 3-4 cm per decade. In addition to flooding, threatening tides of Venice. If the conditions for the existence of the city will not be changed, part of the world-famous works of art can be lost. 

Eyes it appears like a beautiful vision that appears on the boundary of sea and sky. Long sandy beaches surround the city embankment and protect it from sea elements. 

Built on stilts hovering over the city like a lagoon in the clear air, filled with sunshine, or emerges through a fine mesh of rain, as the engraving of the old masters. 

Tiny arcs connecting a lot of great canals, squares, narrow streets, ancient buildings with sidewalks, randomly located, balconies with a bright palette of colors surround you magical atmosphere of an extraordinary event. 

In Venice, you will never hear the noise of street transportation, and only soft spikes of waves lapping on the white marble. The weather in Venice enchants everyone with its unique mystical aura. 
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