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Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains
  Carpathians are located in the western region of Ukraine on the border with Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania. The Carpathian Mountains are located in four regions of Ukraine - Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv and Transcarpathia. The highest point is Mount Carpathians Hoverla height two thousand and sixty-one meter next to it there are thousands, and the other two Carpathians - Pop Ivan, hamster, Petros. In the Carpathians, flows many mountain rivers, some of which are among the cleanest in Europe. In the rivers of the Carpathian usual large variety of fish species. In the Carpathians there are also many pure and beautiful lakes, the most famous of which is Synevir Lake, which is considered the most pure. In the Carpathians are a large number of mineral springs.
  Carpathian Mountains - mountain range, the original fact that its territory unique for Central European ancient forests. The mountains themselves - even, without rocky ledges peaks - the plateau. This is part of the mountains above 1400 m, where there is no forest. The plateau is growing cranberries and blueberries. Below, on the slopes of the mountains, there is widespread thickets of blackberries. . The main part of the Carpathians is covered with pine and beech forests. In addition to spruce and beech also is an oak, hornbeam, pine, alder, cherry, walnut ... As part of beech forests of maple, holly, ash, normal, rock elm, which are now practically never occur in many parts of the Carpathians.
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