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Mayor Sharon in Wisconsin, USA, is a cat Freddie

Mayor Sharon in Wisconsin, USA, is a cat Freddie

  The mayor of the town of Sharon in Wisconsin at one time engaged in that eats and sleeps. However, no abuse in this, - he should be. In this town, where 900 people live, has a president (the president's control system settlement) formally with authority, and it's people. But the mayor and the town is recognized mascot Freddy the cat.

  All residents consider a good sign to meet the cat, give him attention and treat if there is anything. To do this, many people are looking for a special meeting with a local celebrity. When Freddy goes the way, all the cars stop and wait patiently until it passes. Sam the cat did not hesitate so much attention, and was accustomed to the fact that it is in the middle of it. Every day he runs his route, which includes the post office, two restaurants and a small tavern.
  It all started with the fact that a few years ago, a homeless cat spinning in city government and was seen a woman - the city treasurer, who has treated Freddie. Feeling good location for a woman, the cat began to regularly come to City Hall shortly before the start of the day. Over time it became a tradition. Neither visitors nor staff could not resist the charm of the "worker". The townspeople, paying bills at City Hall, began to bring the cat toys, food, money to buy cat food, even brought sleeping area. Now, every morning the cat meets his "employee" at the entrance, there is at unlocking the doors, turn on equipment, then the woman pours it into a bowl of morning portion. After breakfast, the cat is happy to meet visitors who are laid with respect paying attention to him and may even entertain. So for Freddie stuck the title mayor of the town.

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