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Swede Roger Tullgren receive disability benefits for his fondness for heavy metal

heavy metal

In Sweden, a fan of musical style heavy metal recognized disability. The court ordered the state to pay 400 euros cripple retirement inability to get a normal job.

42-year-old Roger Tullgren has obtained from the Swedish state recognition of his "addiction" to the heavy metal disability. Because of their "hell" of passion he could not lead a normal life, as if he had no arms, Spanish newspaper El Mundo.
10 years Tullgren sought by the Swedish justice to recognize that his musical tastes are dependent and cause him psychological damage. As a result, the court service and Social Security issued its verdict: part-time in a place where the Swede also be able to cultivate his musical passion, and a monthly pension of 400 euros, which will compensate the loss due to the abbreviated schedule. Curious decision was based on the conclusion of the three psychologists.
The judge in his native city Hassleholma ruled that Tullgren can not do the job, not indulging in intensive sessions and plenty of heavy metal. And last, in turn, are sometimes hampered him in good faith to do the job.
In 2006 alone, Tullgren has visited more than 300 concerts, which is why not too picky in music drove him head to work. Note that the fan "metal" looks like a mobile hardware store, but, according to him, "overdose" of skulls, tattoos and various demonic devices has nothing to do with the dismissal.
heavy metal

Tullgren himself shared in an interview with local newspaper The Local, it comes out of the situation in search of work. It turns out he has a special certificate, which says that the bearer of this "feels the need to demonstrate their style of heavy metal and it deteriorates the situation on the labor market." Now the Swede really pleased because it can go for an interview in familiar clothes honored "metalworker".
Now Tullgren injected dishwasher, and his new boss allowed him to dress as you like and even work out while he was at live shows. In the absence of customers Swede "cut in" their "Metal Symphony" at full capacity. In the mornings he would prefer death metal, and at night a classic "heavy metal".
The pathology of this metallomana began in 1971 when his older brother gave him a disc of Black Sabbath at full volume, and a little Roger was in another dimension. So far, though he has 42, Tullgren plays in the two groups of the city, but if I could, playing in 200, writes the Spanish edition.
"Some would say that it's time to grow up and listen to different music. But I just can not - doomed declares invalid the music. - "Heavy Metal" - my style. "

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