lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Tata Nano. Сheaply nowhere

авто, auto
  Thank God for the factory Tata does not leave this creation. I would in a car, if it can be called, would have been afraid to sit down!)) What to say since Indian automotive manufacturer, no comment)) It is used as a sightseeing vehicle for partners Tata. Tata company produced the cheapest convertible in the world car Nano. Tata has released several copies of the open version Tata Nano. From the photographs we see immediately that the Tata Nano baby was not born to be a convertible. Obviously, the car for 2500 dollars apparently has not been designed with the subsequent regeneration of the body in a convertible. The car just simply cut off the roof of the grinder or anything else out there)) and grind off the sharp edges. Headless design of the car looks really shaky and very badly and, and there is no certainty that it will not collapse at the first turn.
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