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Color of the universe - beige (light taupe)

Color of the universe - beige (light taupe)

  In 2002, after analyzing the light from 200 thousand galaxies, compiled by Australian experts in the project "Mapping of galaxies with redshift," American scientists from the Johns Hopkins
University have found that the color of the universe - a pale green. If we take as a basis for a palette of colors "Dyulaks", then this color will be somewhere between "Mexican mint", "jade bunch" and "silk Shangri-La."
  True, a few weeks after the report of the American Astronomical Society scientist had to admit that in their calculations crept unfortunate mistake, and that in fact the color of the universe is more like a sort of dull shades of gray and brown.
  In XVII century the greatest and most inquisitive minds pondered over the question: why is the sky dark at night? For if the universe is infinite in its space and evenly dispersed an infinite number of stars, everywhere, wherever you look, is bound to be some kind of star, and hence, the night sky should be as bright as day.
  In science, the mystery known as "Olbers photometric paradox" - in honor of German astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers, who has described (but not the first in history), this mysterious phenomenon in 1826.
  Nevertheless, to date no one has found a truly convincing answer to this question. Perhaps the number of stars in the universe yet of course, and maybe the light from the most distant stars just before we have not yet arrived.

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