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«Tree of Codes» - the world's first hypertext book

«Tree of Codes»

  Even before writing this book Dzhoanatan Safran Foer decided that it would be experimental. What will this book with a deep sense of meaning and layers of which can be read many times, each time a new understanding.

  At the beginning of work on the «Tree of Codes» he turned to the publishers «Visual Editions», which discussed the format for future books. And as a result of their collaboration gave the world a wonderful novel in the amazing book.
  At each of its pages are located, maybe a couple dozen words. The remaining area is occupied by a hole through which is seen the next page and the page behind it. As a result, the reader must learn to isolate from the seen heaps of words and letters required, then he will be able to read the book, will understand its meaning. This book - a graphic illustration of the principle of collecting information on the Internet using hypertext.
  This, of course, is not very convenient for most readers. But it is quite possible in our world, where the main thing in art - it's a concept.

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