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KFC chickens refused to 1008 times

Цыплятам «Ростикс» отказывали 1008 раз
  In 1955, Harland Sanders when he retired at age 65, he could count on a modest pension of 105 dollars, your old car and to his own special recipe for chicken. Sanders realized that he could not live on his pension, so he got behind the wheel and went to offer his recipe for restaurant owners. Harland figured that if the recipe will buy, he will receive five cents for each sold chicken. The first restaurateur refused to Sanders, as well as second and third, and hundredth, and thousandth. The first 1008 messages and phone calls have been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, Harland continued to visit and ring up restaurateurs across the country, sleeping in his car.
  He believed that the recipe will get recognition, and so I continued trying to sell it. 1009 attempt was successful, he replied "yes." After two years of daily attempts Harland able to conclude an agreement with five restaurants. By 1963, according to his recipe chicken sold already 600 restaurants, and the recipe came to be associated with a network of Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is now known also in the CIS under the brand name Rostik. Although Sanders became a multimillionaire, he until his death in 1990 was promoting KFC.

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