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Sandwiches invented the graph in the 18th century

Сандвичи изобрёл граф Сандвич в 18-ом веке 

  English Earl John Montagu Sandwich, who lived in the late 18th century, famous for his addiction to gambling. He could play cards with no rest days. Impassioned, Earl did not want to leave the game for a second, but the nagging feeling of hunger caused him to demand to bring more meat and put between two slices of bread, to simultaneously play and eat without dirtying his hands at the same time.
  Unwittingly, in such an unconventional way sandwich came in a long history. Aesthete Edward Gibbon November 24, 1762, wrote in his diary: "stopped for lunch in the" Tree of Cocoa. " Twenty or thirty of the first people of the kingdom are sitting at the tables - and all in the hands of the pieces of bread with meat, so-called sandwiches! ". Later, the name and recipe itself sailors spread throughout the world.

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