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Life on Saturn?

According to the U.S. National Space Agency, on Saturn's moon Titan were recorded evidence of possible existence of an unknown form of life science.
Cassini spacecraft instruments was an increase in activity of hydrogen, an element of which is mainly composed atmosphere of Titan. On this basis, U.S. researchers suggest that the organisms living on the planet is likely to breathe hydrogen.

Researchers tend to assume that live on titanium, or simply exists, or more advanced, but not earth scientists studied life form.

Titan is one of the largest satellite in the solar system, it is the second largest and its diameter is at one-half the diameter of the Moon
Saturn, sixth planet from the Sun, has a wonderful ring system. Because of the rapid rotation .za on its axis like a ball of Saturn flattened at the poles and blown along the equator. Wind speed at the equator, reaching 1800km / h, which is four times the speed of the fastest winds on Jupiter. The width of the rings of Saturn 400000km. But they have a thickness of several tens of meters. The inner parts of the rings revolve around Saturn faster than the outer. The rings are mainly composed of billions of small particles, each of which turns on its orbit around Saturn as a separate microscopic moon.Probably these "mikroluny" consist of water ice or rocks covered with ice. The size of the majority of them - about a meter, but in general their dimensions vary from several centimeters to tens of meters. In the ring, there are larger objects - boulders and debris up to hundreds of meters across.The gap between the rings is caused by the gravitational forces of seventeen moons (Hyperion, Mimas, Tethys, Titan, Enceladus, etc.) that force the ring rasschiplyatsya. The composition of the atmosphere are: CH4, H2, He, NH3
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