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25 facts about «Facebook»

25 facts about «Facebook»

1. «Facebook» has more than 400 million active users. 35 million users update their status every day.
2. Every month on «Facebook» downloaded more than 2.5 billion photos.
3. Average user «Facebook» has 130 friends and send friendship requests to eight per month.

4. A recent survey of 500 major U.S. colleges found that 10% of admissions are browsing profiles «Facebook» to assess applicants. The members of the admissions officers were told that what they saw in the main negative impact on their opinion.5. It is believed that «Facebook» ranks second after «Google» the volume of traffic. However, at any time, this may change in March of last year «Facebook»'ve been more people than «Google».
6. If «Facebook» was a country it would be the third most populous country in the world after China and India.
7. 39-year-old father from Pennsylvania was arrested for being offered to users «Facebook» her 13-year-old daughter for sex. A 17-year-old Robert Butler Jr., who fired the director and deputy director of the school in Omaha, Neb., before the crime and suicide, left a suicide note on his page at social networks «Facebook».
8. Although it was «Facebook» was created for college students, users aged over 26 years now account for 70% of the total number of users.
9. The average user «Facebook» he spends about 55 minutes a day. In the month he left about 25 comments and 9 times click on the "Like".
25 фактов о «Facebook»

10. Approximately 70% of users «Facebook» outside the United States.
11. Syria, China, Vietnam and Iran have banned «Facebook». Last year, access to social networks blocked in Uzbekistan after being placed on its pages, links to material of opposition and news about life in the country.
12. In 2008, «Facebook» charged resident Canadian of Quebec Adam Guerbeza of sending millions of messages, by submitting it to the court with a lawsuit for a record 837 million dollars. Court was not only satisfied the requirements of «Facebook» against a private person, but did not reduce the amount of the fine. This is the biggest in the history of the fine for such violations in history.
13. In September 2009, Mark Zuckerberg was first announced that «Facebook» left on a positive financial balance, there is a site made ​​more money than spent.
14. In Florida, the Advisory Committee of Judicial Ethics forbade judges and lawyers of this state to add each other as a friend on «Facebook».
15. The most rapidly growing segment of «Facebook» in the U.S. - women aged 55 and older.
16. Russian investment company «Digital Sky Technologies» has invested $ 200 million in «Facebook» in exchange for a 1.96% stake in the site. Last year, the bank «Goldman Sachs» and «DST» jointly invested 500 million dollars to develop a social network.
17. Information such as user profile, photographs, names, cities, etc., which is available to application developers «Facebook», is officially made ​​public.
18. The first person who have invested in «Facebook», was one of the founders of PayPal, Peter Thiel, who has invested in the project $ 500 000 in June 2004.
19. When «Facebook» changed the privacy settings in December 2009, private photo Zuckerberg, in which he was shirtless, holding a teddy bear and looked drunk, became public.
25 facts about «Facebook»
20. The program «Gaydar», developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, could determine on a personal user profile «Facebook», gay or not.
21. 20-year employee of IBM in Canada has not received sick pay from your insurance company because the insurer has seen on her page «Facebook» cheerful photos, laid out in the period when she was sick leave. Her illness was depression.
22. Australia has a report warning about the trial of the accused on notice «Facebook». Summons (agenda), located on the page the user is legally binding.
23. The site, called «Usocial» its customers sells friends and fans on «Facebook». Even after the demands of «Facebook» to stop it, «Usocial» said he did not close the service completely.
24. Post a user «Facebook» led to the donation of the kidney.
25. Applications «Facebook» create 800,000 developers.

Bonus: The facts about the movie social network:

25 facts about «Facebook»
Frame and the film "Social Network" D. Fincher

No member of the «Facebook» not agreed to take part in the film.
On the role of Mark Zuckerberg initially considered Shia LaBeouf and Michael Cera.
The last images of the film shows a command window on your laptop Mark Zuckerberg, and shows that he is "pinged» localhost, ie himself.
The initial scene with Jesse Eisenberg and Rooney Mara took 8 pages of script in order to remove it took 99 takes.
Justin Timberlake for his role in the film has lost 15-17 pounds, he believed that the thin form make it more youthful.
Directed by David Fincher as not trying, but still could not pick up the twins, the actors on the role of twins Cameron and Tyler Vinklvossom (Harvard classmates of Zuckerberg). Then he invited the two different actors for the role of each of the brothers - Armie Hammer (Cameron) and Josh Pence (Tyler). Most similar to the twins was Hammer. And then the team Fincher's visual effects has left CG-face model Hummer talking replica of Tyler, retired. So Hammer played the role of two brothers.
In one scene, it is mentioned that after the launch of a social network Mark Zuckerberg was the "most popular man, furnished nineteen Nobel Prize winners, fifteen Pulitzer winners, two future Olympians, and a movie star." One of the lawyers specifies "Who was the movie star? ', And gets the reply" Is that important? "That was a movie star Natalie Portman, who studied at Harvard from 1999 to 2003, a year.

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