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17 facts about Barack Obama

17 facts about Barack Obama

1. In 2006 he won a Grammy Award for "Best Album of the conversational genre."

2. In 2005, Obama and his wife bought a house in Chicago for more than $ 1.5 million.
3. According to his wife, Michelle Obama, Barack is very romantic, and often presents his wife flowers.
4. Obama does not love ice cream, because when he was a teenager, he worked in a Baskin-Robbins.
5. Likes to play Scrabble and poker.
6. Father Barack - Kenyan, his mother - English, Scottish, Irish and German descent.
7. As a young man tried drugs, marijuana and cocaine. According to him, he it is not proud of and considers it a mistake of youth.
8. Obama - the first U.S. president since Eisenhower, who was smoking a cigarette. Quit smoking in March 2010 (officially it was announced in February 2011).
9. He was born in Honolulu, but when his parents divorced, he moved with his mother in Indonesia. There, he first tried dog meat, snake and fried grasshoppers.
10. Home every night Obama reads the book "Harry Potter" his eldest daughter.
11. Growth of Obama - 187 cm Height of his wife - 180 cm
12. The authorities Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda after the victory of Barack Obama's U.S. presidential election renamed in honor of Obama its highest mountain.
13. Obama - left-handed.
14. In honor of Obama is called a plant-lichen Kaloplaka Obama (Caloplaca obamae).
15. During an interview with CNBC television in the White House Obama hand prevents him from killing a fly, commenting on it saying: "A good idea, huh? I udelat her. "
16. Barack Obama starred in the show "MythBusters" on Discovery in the release entitled "The sun's rays of Archimedes." He personally instructs Adam Savage and Jamie Heinemann recheck the ancient legend of how the ancient scholar Archimedes burnt the Roman fleet by means of sunlight passing through a system of mirrors.
17. In April 2011 broke a political scandal involving a Republican Marilyn Davenport, a member of the party central committee of Orange County. Davenport in private correspondence sent out to colleagues in the image of Obama image chimpanzees.

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