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The facts about sex in different countries

Факты о сексе в разных странах
Sexologists agree that the principal masters of seduction - that the Spaniards, nature has endowed them irrepressible temperament and habit haunt the object of his passion. Nine out of ten seigniory first get acquainted with men and just hang them on the neck. But the annoying Spanish cavaliers very persistent in their courtship.
1. The main weapon the Spaniards - a piercing glance into his eyes. They have it considered as a manifestation of the interest, confidence and physical attraction. And the gentleman know a lot about and are able to "shoot through the eyes of" not good lord. As acknowledged by every fifth resident of Spain, without looking "eye to eye," a romantic relationship just is not possible.

2. The Japanese prefer to seduce, easy soldering elect or chosen one his favorite drink - sake. Incidentally, this oriental nation embodies the global trend. According to statistics, more than half of all nationalities Lovelace considered alcoholic evening and talk heart to heart as the most effective means of rapprochement.
3. Brewer's date - a long tradition in Germany and the Czech Republic. A few beers, delicious sausages and greasy jokes - and object of desire is entirely yours, believe in these countries.
4. But of all the rules, as usual, there are exceptions. The Portuguese, in spite of all of Europe, proved to be more "sober" lovers: only one in seven of them found a valid use of small amounts of alcohol with seduction.
5. Also, scientists, sexologists say that 50% of people in the world recognize that they can seduce "quite ugly people," provided that it will apply to the conquest of good methods and be able to interest them.
6. Nepriveredlivymi most Norwegians are: seven out of ten of these Northerners are ready to surrender to joy, yielding to "the temptation of technological literacy": a lot of compliments, gifts, romantic dinners and "beautifully furnished climax."
7. Another thing - France - a country of romance and true gentlemen. The French adore gifts, prefer to give flowers and chocolates, go to the gallery, linger in the cafes, picnics in the parks. But the Frenchwoman can not seduce a couple of hours with the usual "gentleman's collection." At least, it should impress.
8. But the British and the Dutch are willing to love always and everywhere. It was in England and the Netherlands found the largest number of representatives of oldest profession. Moreover, the local prostitutes are subject to a code of conduct. For example, prostitutes are allowed to ogle, to demonstrate its "bodily" pleasures and professional "skills" - all this is not closer than 3 feet and 5 inches to a potential client (less than 1 meter).
Also prohibited grab potential customers' hands (and other organs) and tow without their "informed, in sound mind and memory, harmony." All of these "curly" formalities are performed implicitly in the bohemian Soho district of London, and Amsterdam's red light district

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