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  Jew's harp (from the Latin. "Organum", the Greek. "Organon" - a musical instrument) is distributed throughout the world, has many versions and more than forty different names before the appearance of human culture metal Jew's harps were made ​​of bone and wood, but they are quite fragile. With the advent of the first forges Jew's harps were made of metal. However, in Eastern cultures still find wood modification jew's harp Jew's harp in America called "the Jewish lyre" - Jew's harp (Jew harp, Jew's harp, Juice harp). In fact, Americans can not explain why the jew's harp - and suddenly Jewish. Relations with the Jews in this instrument no. Most musicologists believe that the word error in the dictionary of the 19th century. Most likely, the name was meant Jaws harp - jaw lira. In ancient times it was believed that the Jew's harp playing mind clears and strengthens the life force of man, and harmonizes the function of all organs, it is confirmed and Modern scientists. Simple, even primitive device jew's harp and at the same time the complexity of games on it, its rich, not disclosed until the end of capabilities allow us to call him a tool of the twenty-first century during the Stalinist Jew's harp was banned as a harmful relic of the past, in particular because of its close connection with shamanism. Despite this, the older generations were able to preserve the traditions of the game on jew's harp and to transfer them to your children and grandchildren
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