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Vacuum tube amplifier

vacuum tube

  The most expensive amplifier AudioNote Ongaku is now the most expensive tube amplifier. He has five line inputs, two lamps NOS VT4-C (211), the current NOS Telefunken 6463 and two NOS 5R4WGB. AudioNote made ​​using a transformer with a winding, covered with silver, tantalum resistors, Black Gate and electrolytes another transformer winding with a silver for the sake of completeness. It should be a miracle lamp under green 80 000))
  The most expensive speakers on Ultimate Transmission Audio speakers include twelve 500-watt, two power amplifier Audio Laboratory BP-1 and previous BC-1 amplifier. Vdobok in Ultimate has four 15-inch subwoofer and 24 8-inch woofer. The speakers come with its own amplifier at 31 kilowatts. They cost two million dollars.
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