lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Laughter and only!))

  A couple of curious robbery, certificate, "high" intelligence))) The robber of Düsseldorf, 37 years, successfully carried out a robbery, then decided to celebrate it. He bought a bottle of expensive champagne and drank it in the car and quickly got drunk. Having decided to rest for an hour, he got out of the car and fell asleep, leaning against the wheel of the roadway. Vigilant citizens called the police, they checked the man on his base, and it turned out that he was wanted for several robberies. For the police it was just candy, especially considering that the car was found things from the last scene of the crime. Thieves robbed a children's camp were caught because they subscribed their names and surnames in one of the tents. Peter Addison and Mark Radzhvey, drunk and obkurennye, signed their real names and nicknames ... It is not surprising that a great deal for a long time laughing policemen detained them and the inhabitants of the city. Podehal robber in the bank at 11.40 and waited in the car about 20 minutes. Probably tuned)) He wore a mask and gloves, took the gun and went to the door. It was 12.01, while Bank closed at 12.00. The staff was surprised to look at the young man in a strange outfit, trying to open the door and called police. Loser was charged with attempted robbery and illegal possession of weapons. ))
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