lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Remembering the past!


  As a lover of vinyl, just can not write about it ..
  As is well known vinyl - Analog sound. There is no encoding, bit rate and other things! Posed, turned and listen.
  During the XX century, shellac was the most important sound, affordable and accessible. The main advantage of shellac was easy to mass replication by hot stamping, in addition, records are not subject to electric and magnetic fields. The disadvantages are exposure records temperature changes and humidity, as well as property records in constant use to lose their Audio Specifications.
  Vinyl, in a literal and figurative sense, thrown in a landfill in the early 90s, returned triumphantly. Vinyl is back in vogue, and it's not just about the dedicated and persistent amateur live sound, have retained their love of the '70s, when the cost of a 3-4 plates was above average Soviet salary.
As many experts in the field of sound and music lovers and audiophiles, the sound of vinyl records is much clearer picture of the transfer, or on another stage song composition. And all this because of the lack of digital sound processing ..

Tags: music
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