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Breakfast in English


  English breakfast - the food on the fan, they are very nutritious, fat and traditional. If you have to stay in an English hotel-type Bed and Breakfast, a breakfast cereal with milk will have to use every day. English breakfast can not be considered part of a balanced diet, and they should not be abused. If you talk briefly: we have to take all the ingredients and fry them in a pan until brown. Or cook on the grill, which is more useful. The cooking time of the lunch will take approximately 30 minutes. At 1 serving we need: 1 thick sausage / sausage 2 strips of smoked bacon a piece of blood sausage 1 egg a few mushrooms (you can use other mushrooms have a fairly bland taste) 1 tomato, cut into half circles or half cans of canned beans in tomato sauce 2 thick slices of bread butter and vegetable oil Start with the beans. Put them in a pan, sprinkle with red or black pepper and a good warm up. While you're prepares the remaining ingredients, stir the beans do not forget to avoid tomato-stick frying pan on the bottom. Tomato sauce should thicken slightly when it is ready for folding on a plate, put in a little butter. Next, sausage and bacon. They taste better fried, but healthier cooking on the grill. They are trained at a low temperature grilling, hot dogs first, then the bacon (he is preparing a much faster). I must say that hot dogs, which eat the English, quite unlike the Russian dairy, but rather a thick, pork and sausages are fatty. Small quantities of butter and vegetable oil to fry the mushrooms and tomato. Tomatoes can be cooked and grilled. Black pudding should be browned latter, together with scrambled eggs. Heat oil in a frying pan, break an egg there, and fry. If you have browned the bacon in a pan, put in the same pan and fry the bread until it crusts. Otherwise, drain it in a toaster. Arrange everything on a plate and serve with

Bon appetit :)
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