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Lake of Tears

Lake of Tears

  One of my group listened to was established in May 1992 in the Swedish town of Boras parties to the two death-metal groups - Carnal Eruption and Forsaken Grief first album, Greater Art was recorded over two weeks in December 1993. In March 1995, was recorded a second album - Headstones. Headstones at the group proved to be much brighter and more varied than the first album. Shortly after the release of Forever Autumn between the musicians began the conflicts that led to the Lake of Tears that fell apart. September 9, 1999 was issued an official announcement about the group Raspail. The group met again only at the end of 2003. In 2005, the first visit to Russia and successfully played in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And in 2006, was carried round in Ukraine, and another in 2009.

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