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Type O Negative

Type O Negative

To say about this group can be so. Music is quite heavy, I personally do not get tired of listening to her, even during operation. Type O Negative is translated as "the first negative blood group" Black humor is Type O Negative is manifested not only in the songs. Once on the band's official site there was a message about the death of Peter Steele, who was just a joke. Despite the relatively low interest of the majority of radio stations and music television group enjoys stable popularity, and most albums Type O Negative fell to American and European charts The album October Rust reached gold status in the U.S. and took 42nd place in the list of 200 greatest albums of April 14, 2010 , the information that Peter Steele died, confirmed the guitarist and keyboardist Type O Negative. The cause of death 48-year-old frontman is called heart failure. What will happen next, the group falls apart completely, or maybe her life will continue is unknown.

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