lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Extracting the sound ....

Some say that to know musical notation a must, while others argue that famous Jimi Hendrix did not know them, but played great. You can be able to play without knowing the score, but knowing you can not know how to play music ... and this is due to a lack of musical thought is a pure grind. Examples - thousands .. One person told me that without music to play will not work. How can I do to play music without music? What is the same as to speak without words? I think the best way to play, pick up tunes by ear. as it develops a very auditory quality. I will say this. Musical literacy is not necessary as long as you need to burn your music on paper. Interestingly, things, and Lyrics, Do not listen to wise men claim that you need to play only four chords))), floor just for starters, of course they're needed, and if you want more of something they need much more:)
Tags: music
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