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Gibson ES150

Gibson ES150

  Ever since the 1920s, Lloyd Loar worked as an engineer at the legendary firm Gibson, and one of his contributions include the design and development of mandolins. So he studied the problem of electric guitar amplification. In 1933 he organized the firm Vivi-Tone, as an independent branch of Gibson. Vivi-Tone engaged in the production of one single thing: electric guitar in "Spanish" style. A year later, Vivi-Tone closed, but the core of the company again moved to Gibson. Spanish is the electric guitar is the future, and this experience has continued to push the company to the creation of Gibson electric guitars, making a real revolution and a major influence on the history of this instrument, model ES-150. Even though a huge success ES-150, this instrument has characteristics very far from ideal. The vibrations of the resonating body could also be released to increase output and, moreover, there have been problems with feedback.

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