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  Delving into the world of music sometimes stumble on the likes of which, it seems, can be attributed to pop music, but who are not pop stars in the everyday sense of the word.
  For example, Seal. Who would argue that it is a pop artist? Who would argue with the fact that he's a good pop artist? But has anyone heard anything about his private life (with Heidi Klum, for a moment), the scandals associated with him or something like that? No. Currently lives and lives, and makes good music, which is always nice to hear.
  The same thing with Lenny Kravitz, or the novels of Russian photo models, no revelry, with tragic consequences. And by the way, his latest album, Its Time For A Love Revolution will give odds to many loud rock releases of recent times.
  Or here Sade (a group, not a woman (or rather, a woman there too, and her name is Sade, but when we talk about music, this band)) which is preparing to release the album this year. Everyone knows these songs, all their love, but no one thinks anything about what happens to participants outside the scene. And despite the fact that the previous album, dated 2000, no one had to shave nalyso, divorce and drug addiction acquire the eyes of the major TV channels. And now compare the return of Britney Spears in 2007 and Sade back in 2010. Is there a difference? That's the same.
Probably still good music does not need a controversial PR. A product of show business without it anywhere.

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