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  The history of this famous group started at a school in Cambridge, where friends learned to Syd Barrett (Roger Keith Barrett, p. January 6, 1946, Cambridge, England; guitar, vocals), Roger Waters (born September 9, 1944, Cambridge, bass, vocals ) and David Gilmour (born March 6, 1944, Cambridge, guitar, vocals).
  Upon graduation Sid and David entered the London School of Art, and Waters - a polytechnic. There he amassed his first band "Sigma 6" with his friends Nick Mason (born January 27, 1945, Birmingham, England; drums) and Rick Wright (born July 28, 1945, London, keyboards). In the initial structure also included bassist Clive Metcalfe and vocalist Juliette short Gail. Soon, however, Metcalf replaced lead guitarist Brian Close, and Waters switched to bass. The group went through several names (the latter - "Abdabs"). Roger invited Barrett to join them, but that has not converged with Klose in musical tastes and at the end of 1965 "Abdabs" collapsed. Barrett, Waters, Mason and Wright immediately reopened under the name "Pink Floyd Sound" (the name was taken from the names of two blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Kangxi). Soon the name was reduced to "Pink Floyd" and the band began recording their debut album "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn". His inspiration and main sponsors were Barrett and Waters, fantastic poetry which blended well with the "psychedelic mysticism planetary" music discovery Barrett.
  The album became an instant bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic, because it was a completely new word in rock music: the mysterious "space" sound effects with a lot of stress and blast "crying" guitar solo. The author of most songs from this CD, Syd Barrett at the time, "dabbled" LSD. Over time, his addiction to this drug have increased, and he "flew" right to live. And unable to cope with this "disease", Sid was forced to leave the group, offering a place to Gilmore. The second disc, "A Saucerful Of Secrets", was even more perfect. Almost entirely written by Waters, it contained a very nice, very originally arranged compositions. Since then, the company began development of a sound by which it unmistakable.
  Final formation of the "Pink Floyd" as the mega-groups with an indisputable international standing occurred in 1970-1971, when they came out albums "Atom Heart Mother" and "Meddle" - the most profound of the early work of the ensemble. Since 1973, in the discography of "Pink Floyd" begins a series of masterpieces: "Dark Side Of The Moon", "Wish You Were Here", "Animals" and double "The Wall".
  After a triumphant appearance "Wall" in the works "Pink Floyd" a crisis, which began as a result of friction within the group about the copyright on the composition of the group. The fact is that during this period Wright and Gilmour went solo, and tried to use at concerts and songs written in collaboration with Waters for "Pink Floyd". The case ended with the fact that Wright left the group, but instead sat down for the keyboards of producer Bob Ezrin. Crisis has affected the quality of new product teams: published four years after "The wall" album "The Final Cut" was frankly weak. The group leader and owner of most copyright on the song "Pink Floyd" Roger Waters hastened to announce the decay of the ensemble, and he immediately went solo. Meanwhile, the remaining without a captain Gilmour and Mason decided to resurrect the composition without him. When he learned that Waters retired group, Wright returned to the team, and with bassist Tony Levin (ex-"King Crimson", "Yes") new "Pink Floyd" has released a new CD "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason".
  Stamped on the spot for several years, the group in 1994 has finally released a decent album "The Division Bell", something reminiscent of their classic stuff from the "Wish You Were Here". After that, "Pink Floyd" went into a global tour, the consequence of which was the release of live album "Pulse".
  The sixth studio album by Pink Floyd "The Dark Side of the Moon" (Side of the Moon) returned to the American hit parade for the first time since October 8, 1988. The album debuted on the eve of the renewed Billboard 200 at 189th position, extending his record thus stay in the top list. In view of the past week and past success "The Dark Side of the Moon" in the Billboard 200 release in total spent in the U.S. charts 742 weeks, that is fourteen years old. This achievement is by far the most impressive - no one actor on the planet has not yet been able to achieve this result. The album "The Dark Side of the Moon" was released March 10, 1973 to April 28 took first place in the Billboard 200. Despite the fact that the sixth studio album Pink Floyd held at the top of the charts for just one week, she stayed on the charts for a long time. "Side of the Moon" sold around the world with a total circulation of more than 45 million copies, which enabled her to get on the list of the most successfully marketed releases. Greater total circulation only "Back in Black" AC / DC (49 million) and "Thriller" by Michael Jackson (110 million). Meanwhile, as of December 4, 2009 first place in the Billboard 200 retains the former Scottish housewife, member of the reality show "Britain is looking for talent" Susan Boyle with her debut disc "I Dreamed a Dream".

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