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The choice of an acoustic guitar

Be right in saying that the selection of acoustic guitars, especially for the beginner, is a very difficult and sometimes complicated zadachey.Ne do of course without advice. Before buying the guitar need to decide on what strings you want to play metal or nylon. In nylon strings a softer sound, rich tone prevailing, while at the metal strings sharper and sonorous sound.
For those who are only going to learn to play guitar, more suited nylon strings, such as pinching the strings is much easier (at the expense of weaker tension) and addictive fingertips to the strings will be painless. If you already have experience of playing the guitar or are you willing to endure the pain until your fingers are not used, then there is a guitar with metal strings. After some time of regular exercise on the fingers appear corns, and pinch the string will not hurt.
It should be noted that on the guitar, which is designed for nylon strings can not install the metal, since metal strings stronger tension and they just ruin the guitar forever. And if you install nylon strings on a guitar, which is designed for metal, most likely, they simply can not "shake" the guitar. The sound will be dull and lifeless.
In no case do not fall for the stereotype that first you need that much worse. Need to learn to play on a normal guitar, but not on the "wood" - and will be easier and more enjoyable, and obtained the better.
Although the appearance of the guitar is also an important factor, but it is not necessary to order a guitar from an online store. In the main guitar - it sounds and how easy it is extracted. Be sure to visit the music store and try to play on different models in that price range that suits you, and you'll notice how much sound may be different on different tools. Do not hesitate, even if you do not know how to play, just a pinch each string at each fret. The sound is clean, the strings should not rattle. Note that the guitar should be easy for you, but the sound should please you and only you.
Prefer guitars with solid top deck, rather than plywood. These guitars sound and reliable they have much better.
When stop your choice on a particular model, ask the seller to give you a few copies. For sure, their sound is too different from each other. Select the most appropriate one.
Carefully inspect the bar and deck for scratches, cracks and chips, if any, will be found - this guitar is better not to buy. Pay particular attention to the neck - it should be smooth. To check, hold the first or sixth string on the first and twentieth frets, and verify that the distance between the frets of a string clamped. At this distance flat fingerboard is the same. The distance between the strings and neck with open strings should be 3-4 mm. This will provide clear sound with no strings rattle and will be easier to clamp technique barre chords. In place of fastening the neck to the deck should not be a backlash and cracks. Grief should fit snugly and evenly to the deck.
Inspect all metal parts of the tool - they are in no way should be free of corrosion.
If you choose a guitar with a top deck made of solid wood, you'll notice as are fiber. It is best if the fibers are straight and parallel, and the distance between them will be 1-2 mm. This deck will have the best resonator properties.
Well, if you will be on hand Tuner: You can check the intonation (string length from the top to the bottom of the nut). String at the twelfth fret is sandwiched should sound an octave above the open. If you do not have perfect pitch, it can be determined only by the tuner. If there are significant deviations, and the size of the bore is not regulated, then this guitar is better not to buy.
All of the above - it's not all factors that should guide the choice of guitar. What guitar to buy the best insight and experience will tell. If you have no experience, then ask someone from a friend or teacher to help you in choosing a guitar.
Good luck to you!
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