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Personal audio space

  Ivan Tashev (Ivan Tashev) and his colleagues at Microsoft Research, the research branch of the famous company, created a "virtual headset" without allowing headphones to hear the sound of one man, despite the fact that his neighbors would not hear anything.
  The system of "Personal audio space" (Personal Audio Space) consists of 16 speakers arranged in a row (in theory they can be built into the stand for the TV or computer table.) A special program allows each dynamic radiate sound slightly different from the sounds emitted by the adjacent speakers.
  As a result of a complex superposition of waves, there is an interesting effect. At some point of the room a normal person hears music or speech, while a man standing just five feet from the first, deems it in the room - complete silence - it waves from the speakers cancel each other out.
  Point the location of the personal audio space, you can move around the room with the setup program. In principle, nothing prevents provide a system set to automatically detect a person's position (based on the video camera) and move the "light" sound place after the system owner. Or after an employee of the office.
  In the future, this range can be extended the same peripheral set of microphones that will be collected from only one sound in the room, ignoring the other noise.
Tags: music
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