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Cool electric guitar

Gibson presented latest model electric guitar - Dark Fire Tool has turned serious. According to Gibson, his new sound was the result of the incredible technology alliance Chameleon Tone Technology and second generation Robot Guitar Technology. Never before has a single tool has not been possible to obtain such a diverse guitar sound. " The first instrument from Gibson, performed with the use of technology Robot Guitar, was presented and was swept from the shelves of music stores in one day. Consider the Dark Fire more. Dark Fire is created based on the standard Les Paul Custom. Body - mahogany (mahogany) with a maple top, neck - also mahogany, with an asymmetrical "super-fast" profile. Immediately struck by the change of design pickups and a sly presence of luminous pen. But filling the standard Les Paul radically different. Dark Fire Master Control KnobDark Fire - Self-adjusting the tool. Simply pressing the button activates a robotic system tinctures and within seconds you get a perfect system. In previous versions of this operation Robot Guitar took about 5 seconds. And apart from the usual options you can choose settings and alternative: Open E, Dropped D, DADGAD, Open G, Hendrix Tuning, as well as any own settings. In addition to the factory presets, the system's memory settings can be stored 500 more custom options for action. Selecting a preset by means of the same Master Control Knob. Speed ​​setting so high that, as stated in the The setting for Dark Fire manages specially designed mechanical pegs that are part of the Robot Guitar Technology. Dark Fire tunersPo compared with the previous model, they are smaller, lighter and faster. Battery, power supply system, enough for 500 cycles setting. It should be noted that the automated adjustment does not eliminate the possibility of a guitar set up manually. description, "if necessary you can change the structure of the guitar during the game."

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