lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

stink, the smell of chlorine

So I always wondered why people who live in the country, or your own private home, often do not have a well?
So much talk about the quality of tap water. Here is an example.
On my street, everyone has its own well. On the next, on the contrary all the pipeline. 15 years ago there was a proposal to the centralized water supply. But all refused. And I understand why. Having tasted once the water from the well, then simply disgusting to drink tap water from the tap.
Maybe it is feared that the people it is quite difficult and expensive? Health is important!
I asked the other, purely out of curiosity.
- What do you vodichka home, delicious?
- Neee.
- And Th does not dig then?
Shrugging his shoulders, does not know what to say:)
And some of that neighborhood streets, watered the garden with bleach, and then wonder why nothing grows
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