lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Wonder cupboard

  Yet there are oddities in life. They did not explain, because they can not be logic.
Here is an example of yesterday.
  Somewhere half years ago I broke the Muses. center. I am a radio engineer by profession, and I just did with him, as we have lost grit ... So disassembled into pieces and tossed in the closet.
So yesterday, took it from there, let me think, gather that the place did not hold and put in another place.
  Gathered, turned and ofigel - works! While my 100 cotton speakers so have never yelled.
When I was still studying, the teacher said that miracles do not happen, and just did not happen, and technology is also a concern.
Looks like he made a mistake, and I do have wonder-cupboard:)

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