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Meanwhile, in Google + has 62 million users

In Google + registered 62 million users
Social network search service from Google, Google, which started its own work is comparable not so long ago, is all the most famous. By New Year's holidays, audience services has increased significantly. Today, the number of users exceeded 62 million Google and everyday people gain registered users composes about 625 thousand, according to unofficial statistics from specialist Paul Allen (Paul Allen).

The specialist explained their own ways of calculation. Any week his team was doing all kinds weave requests with the names and monitored the effects of requests since July. Statistics on Registered users looks like this: July 13, the system had 10 million registered users, by 1 August the number had risen to 20.5 million in early September - to 24.7 million in early October - to 38 million in early November - to 43 million, December 1 service used 50 million, and December 27 - 62 million closer. Monitoring specialists, by February the audience the public network will grow to 85.2 million. If the statistics are not far to the original figures, almost a quarter of all current users in the Google Plus zaregalas system for 1 month. Based on its model, Allen predicts a rise to the audience hundred million by February 25, 2012 and to 200 million users by August. When the service is not to lose the reputation that in 2012 it will be the greatest of Facebook.
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