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Came in 2012 - Year of the Russian Revolution

Came in 2012 - Year of the Russian Revolution.
Some are waiting for the Revolution with hope, others fear it and are ready to earnestly convince myself that it will not. The revolution is not where we want it, and when the regime for domestic reasons can not manage the situation and fall apart.
When the power disappears, comes chaos. They are criminals for murder, rape and looting. It is used by an external enemy to plunder wealth of the people, the seizure of property and territory. They are all of the most squalid, hostile to the people themselves the power to implement their evil designs.
This is what happens if, after the collapse of the regime does not appear legitimate national government. Irresponsible clique obkolotyh boteksom clowns will end up clinging to the semblance of power, and after his flight inevitably leave people alone with criminals and enemies, devoid of legal authority and organization of law enforcement.
If we do not want to live in conditions of anarchy, we must now take care of the restoration of the constitutional national power, which can take into their own hands the organization of protection of the law and the interests of the people after the departure of the regime on October 4.
To do this we must no later than spring 2012 under the Russian Constitution to elect the people's legitimate government - the Congress of People's Deputies and local councils. Yeltsin's decree number 1400, to suspend the Constitution of Russia and the occupation regime was introduced October 4, 1993 has long ceased to act. It is time to restore the normal state of Russia in accordance with our Constitution.
We elect their own deputies openly, honestly and without fraud. We do not have secret ballots and ballots with karuselschikov. Secrecy of voting is needed only forgers. We have nothing to hide in their own land, we are operating openly and legally. The election of deputies to the Soviets we do not even contradicts the laws of occupation.
It's time to rise from his knees. It is time to overcome the stifling darkness and hopeless dope to escape to the light. The time has come to feel itself master of the Russian land and to make the step to freedom and prosperity.
The choice is yours.
If you feel ready to give their time, effort and energy to the task of organizing life in their country - that will put forward a MP, register with the Central Electoral Committee and gather for a vote.
If you just want to change, but he is not ready yet to be active - just accept to vote and give a voice to the deputy and the party who would like to see in the new government.
If you are aware of their duty to help conduct fair elections and the restoration of legitimate authority in Russia,
If you want to immediately contribute to the organization of free elections
To do this - just sign up for our online community http://lsg.rpnv.org and write what you can and would like to do:
 participate in the development and maintenance of the Automated Election System in Russia,
 to take part in the agitation for free elections,
 take part in organizing the election process,
 to take part in the preparation of the Congress of People's Deputies and Soviets in your region.

Russia needs you. Russia awaits your words and your dela.Nastupaet your time. And only now depends on you, what will be later in life.
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