lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

It's an outrage

Drunk drivers have been and will be on all continents.
But now there is a new fashion - go behind the wheel Golyak, and must provide a state of intoxication. Why I think so
It's an outrage
Example number one.

These races have been arranged in the town of Bainbridge, in the states. There's drunk as a lord lady with 28 years of skating itself at a speed greater than 200 km / hour while her after a long chase, did not stop the tape from the thorns. When she was handcuffed, she was only a thong and high heels =) How can a heel that? Marvel at.

A second case is much closer. On the streets of Moscow on the night of a Moldovan today at Renault Megane, hiding from the police damaged 13 cars! Result in a chase - was stopped, and a further four police knocked, well, anything repaired.
And what is interesting is the body ezdilo not on their own, but in a service machine, again in the board drunk and without a shadow of constraint - no nothing.
Do Adam and Eve, I and some leaves of some were)) Well, a lot of money will fly the same trip.

It would not have caught on
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