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Arguing on the topic than to occupy myself that it was assessed on the merits, we often try to copy someone already successful. Need a unique approach that is unique.
Here's how branding agency Freedomart www.freedomspb.ru was established in 2008 as yet unknown if Cyril Halyutoy. Over three years the company has ensured that "landed" in the list of PDA - European Association of Designers, and Cyril at 22, became the youngest head designer of the company from the list. This is a matter of respect.
Began his venture with the painting and re-sale T-shirts. We can say that at the same time he made the first capital. But a landmark moment in the manufacture of these shirts is that he came to the creation of a non-traditional - each shirt was a single copy of another such could not be.
Based on this principle (producing only original things or services), Cyril created his own company Freedomart, which specializes in the design and development of brands. To date, the company employs specialists with higher artistic education. For training, some staff members are sent to study in Europe.
According to founder Freedomart, on the Russian market, advertising and design is not any law, so the company was hard to survive, let alone achieve such heights by applying at the beginning of the standard approaches to business.

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