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Japanese share

The Japanese government is now scratching their heads over how to restore the flow of tourists abruptly interrupted after the March disaster and subsequent crash on their nuclear power plant. Not only that, there's no money - the crisis, but they also think about the future.
Because tourism brings large financial injections into the economy of many countries.
If you look at the figures, the number of foreign tourists declined in April by 62.5% compared with the same month last year. But it's not interesting. Much more interesting would be to learn from their example.
We decided to implement a share from 1 April 2012 to March 31, 2013, which contributed nearly $ 14 million, aimed at 10 thousand free tickets to Japan - so that's zamanuha comrades.
In order to whisk away to Kiev and back usually have to spend a little more green stuff, plus a waste of a train to Kiev and other small items. And now for free. Once in the head of the picture - a mousetrap with a piece of cheese. Well, maybe I'm wrong of course.
I do not know, you still do not want to go there.
катастрофа на АЭС
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