lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Master-class handmade

скрапбукинг, scrapbooking

Leafing through old photo albums, I looked at the Army album of his father, and thought about the fact that somewhere I've seen this. And remember, it's a fashion trend 80s of the 20th century. And it is decorated with original album, wrapped in a beautiful velvet fabric, with different labels and postcards and clippings of colored cardboard. And the name of this art - scrapbooking which translated to English means \ "cut \" and \ "book \".
The purpose of this design is so beautiful and unusual capture moments of life.
Well, firstly, in the recent past, when there were no computers and the Internet, handmade crafts were commonplace, and it was interesting.
And what prevents resume today? I am right in saying that lazy. But let's not lazy, and going to the store and buy the necessary equipment and materials.
So what you need in order to make himself master of handmade greeting cards class
Thick cardboard, or album.
-Paper for scrapbooking.
Albums with pictures for cutting.
-Dies and inks (for signature pictures)
-Various decorations (ribbons, beads, flowers, hearts)
Clay and other materials.
In what fantasy can come up with different options.

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