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Klitschko and Adamek

  Last night on September 10 was a fight in the super-heavyweight division between the WBC reigning world champion Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko, and Pole Tomasz Adamek.
  Many were looking forward to this fight because the stakes were very interesting. Analysts felt that Tomas has a good chance to win a Ukrainian, because it is in excellent physical shape, out of 44 fights only one defeat. very fast and discreetly thinking in the ring. While the battle took place in his homeland.
I  n his favor, and it also sent a couple of years ago that he went to heavyweight and defeated several rivals. Immediately accepted the invitation of the Klitschko brothers, but immediately refused, citing the fact that he was not yet ready to fight with the champion. Now, he said that he was ready. Polak said that he knows how to beat Ukrainian (as well as all the previous contestants.) But for some reason no one has not applied this knowledge in practice.
  As for Klitschko, this fight was interesting in that it was his first professional fight in Poland, as well as the first battle after the fortieth anniversary of the execution.
  At the beginning of the battle was as it were lapping each other. At the Pole terrific speed.
In the second Klitschko struck several heavy blows, so it seemed that Thomas saved only gong.
After the fifth, the rate dropped sharply Pole. He is no longer the motley variety strikes, he ran out of steam. Work began boring and not interesting. Feeling that he already knew who ran, and that he did not get the title. But deserves respect for his perseverance.
  And then the first sign - in the sixth round, Vitali put him in a knockdown, with whom he quickly pulled myself together.
  But in the eighth for second all froze in anticipation, as Klitschko fell, but not of strokes Pole, and the loss of equilibrium - twisted my ankle. In future, this has no effect on his movements.
The farther to fight more like a one-sided beating naturally by the champion. And the fight, it is advisable to stop for a couple of rounds earlier, but the judge did not think so evident, because the Pole in response continued to try to strike.
  The referee stopped the fight in the tenth. Title defense took place successfully and without overlap.
Now, interestingly enough, the critics will say again that the Klitschko brothers specifically choose their weaker competitors to beat them out of the battle to fight. But it's not as if to assess the situation prevailing in the professional ring in the super-heavyweight division, it becomes obvious that the real opponents simply do not. They seem to be several steps behind.
I look forward to the next battle)
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