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Buying the aquarium

аквариум aquael

  Before you buy an aquarium, you need to be determined by its volume. The thing is that buying an aquarium, an example of 30-50 liters, it is necessary to consider how much there you can run the fish. Calculation is based on a simple formula: 1 liter of water per 1 cm length of the fish, and calculation should be performed on the final length of the adult fish.
  Example: an aquarium of 30 liters. hence it is desirable to plant 3 mollies, 3 guppies, and even a couple of fishes. Can be more, but few will be the place - is overpopulation. Because of this rapid deterioration of water. Draw your own conclusions. But I will say that I have as an experiment, fish were swimming and 300ml water and live, but sometimes dead.
  Aquarium and equipment can be purchased individually, and ready for use. As in Advertising yuppi - just add water =))
  Aquarium chosen. He may be with a lid, and without it. The cover is usually set to the minimum required coverage. Details of the light I'll explain later.
  The next thing we need is a filter (pump, pump), heater, gravel (pebbles), siphon, thermometer, good food. Feeder - is secondary.
So in order.:
  Filter are different. For beginners, very fancy and you can not take it, but the cheapest Chinese for 40-60 UAH. also better not to take - the good of him, "0". The greater the area of ​​filter material, the better. Why? Because the filter the beneficial bacteria colonize and processing wastes (nitrates, nitrites). If the store will offer Polish or Chinese pumps with foreign wool, surely you can take - cool.
The heater will be needed in the cold season. Buy it at the rate of 1 W / L, but it is better to take stock of the power.
  The thermometer will help set the desired temperature, since heating error may reach 1-2 degrees.
The soil is very important. If there are no living plants is taken high and coarse. For more fine-grained plants.
  The siphon is a device that allows you to clean the bottom of the backlog of feces of fish - an irreplaceable thing.
In general, all for now.
  Aquarium and equipment is, but what about the fish, if the rules, they should settle after 10 days to filter, heater, if necessary, and lighting. During this time in the water and the filter element will live beneficial bacteria needed. If no rules that fish may settle on the first day, but it will survive until the next day if there are no guarantees.
  In the next post I will talk about aquarium chemistry.
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