lookianov (lookianov) wrote,


By writing this post I pushed the idea of the work. What I want to express it?
I will not write about that in a world crisis, and unemployment that is so well known. I mean that's all you need to work. Some are working for someone else, while others are employers. Just happy if low salary, I do not understand such a man, surely he was thinking about your business, simply do not have the opportunity - family, children - especially not accumulate. Everybody wants to eat, have fun, to carry out his wishes. The most interesting bit of both normal working and getting paid for their knowledge and skills? Well, here, many think - to open an emergency. Here for example I worked on plain paper, and all the while dreaming, that would give up everything and start their own businesses. Well, well tried and nothing happened. The fact that this should be approached with care. Before you something to try to start his own, - collect capital, the initial stages of their business, oh, how difficult. On his experience convinced)
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