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Tubes serve longer

Few of the technologies of the last century.
Tubes - a vacuum tube. They are at the beginning of last century was built all the electronics, televisions, radios, and even the first computers were the first generation sproektirovany based on them (the progenitor of modern computers)
But now is not about that. In the past year on radio tubes are increasingly stroyutsya quality in terms of audiophile audio amplifier. I too am a hobbyist, so I will not say that very good, but tube amps built, and listened with pleasure)
So what about lamps. From my point of view of the lamp 6P14P (foreign analog EL84) which is pictured below, as consumer goods, I found the idea of ​​simply collect heater)). As my friend - it's the only decent use of it:) What I like about this - is the fact that the heater can be used on land, for example with exotic animals, and under water, unless previously smeared with silicone contact) Another advantage is the low supply voltage - only 6 volts. In sum, heat is up to about 20 watts. For hobbyists, plus the fact that having a battery of 6 volts * 4 A / h, you can not even afraid to carry the fish in the 20 degrees of frost)

Throw was just a pity)
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