lookianov (lookianov) wrote,


two man

The Internet has become an integral part of modern man - nothing new to tell you. Well, I did not discover America, and the wheel is not collected). But then I had to deal with various auction houses, the type of buying, selling well, so on. So I became interested in playing a game here. I find it interesting product, and for example a person indicates that it will cost, say 20 hryvnia.
Well. 20 so 20.Beru write, that'll take 20.
so to answer me so much was poured mud and bad words. Well, I think, all right, man, not all), head) Go ahead. During the evening I wrote about 20 people. And what then were dissatisfied. The conclusion suggests itself, why do it?
In principle this is understandable. cheaper than the more bite, but there is one thing but it all looks like a homeless with a sign that I work for the food and the like. worth it to bring a piece of bread, he will cover you as a three-story that Mama Do not Cry)
I mean that, once so eager for money, and to write the truth. yea, even in writing.
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