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And whether it is necessary?

пьющий мужчина

Perhaps strange to write about alcoholic beverages, if this product itself is not very even drink) especially vodka.
About alcohol, you can write a lot, both good and bad, are, for instance, in small doses, it is useful enough for the body. In high - devastating effect on the human body. But how many recall had a problem with motorists who have a blood alcohol was found! And all because of the regular yogurt! When I wrote about the poor quality of this very product that got me out of the store.
Today, under my eye was somehow one of the largest corporations alcoholic Ukraine - brand name "Olympus", with headquarters in Kiev. According to experts, is closely linked PE "Donagropostavka." In the market is active since 2000. It produces more than 15% of production volumes of legal (it is interesting but what about illegal?) Production .. products under the trademarks "Olympus", "5 drops", "Bilenka", "Vdala", "Private kolektsiya», Russian Shot, «f.", "Marcel", "Vinko», Fantasy, SAMBA, «Yuventa" and "925", with facilities in Donetsk.
The best in Ukraine bottling line, advanced equipment laboratory, careful water treatment, the finest triple filtration products and automatic quality control at all stages of production are the key to a stable soldering process on the population, and complete degradation of minds.
This trademark was even awarded the hero of the book of Guinness World Records, for what? And for that with some swing in Alushta during the IV International "Carnival festival of Neptune" place of celebration.
To some it may seem that that's why I'm so critical of this particular brand. Yes, I'll criticize all the manufacturers, because nothing good is our economy, and people do not bring! And only leads to the gradual extinction of the population, which is carefully planned, according to some authoritative sources. This is how!
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