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Choosing an aquarium

fish in aquarium

It has long been known that the tank has a sedative effect on the human nervous system.
Before to start at home or at work aquarium, you need to understand that the tank itself is not just a toy for a child who a month or two it may get bored. This is a whole biological system with live inhabitants, and behind them need attentive care. There are 2 types:
1 - freshwater.
2 - the sea.
What is the difference between them?
Marine is expensive in terms of the purchased equipment, fish, and so on, and requires a considerable skill Wiki. So long it shall not dwell.
So you decide to have a freshwater aquarium.
If he is at work in an office that is very popular these days, you will need to take care of that for him was a regular maintenance, it's also part of the interior.
Briefly want to describe that in itself involves regular care - the bare minimum (often not carried out due to laziness).
First is the daily feeding of fish, or shrimp, depending on what is, and not some kind of food, and correct. Of course you can not feed a week, but that their health is clearly not improve.
Went on. Be prepared to take that once in a week to do water changes, a little less clean grunta.Ob I'll explain later. Fish can get sick - right on time and prescribed treatment, exempt from this problem.
Well basically it for now. The rest later)
If anything is unclear, but it's interesting - ask:)

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