lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Fish in the aquarium


  Let's talk about fish. This is my first post on this topic.
I worked in a pet shop hobbyist, had a lot to remember, to teach. And to me this job at first did not liked. But now is not about that.
  Referring to his interest in fishes, not only to fishes, as well as various kinds of snails, shrimps, and aquatic plants in particular (not to be confused with algae))) I want a simple language for the average person to tell you how to properly care for these inhabitants, than to feed them, what are the disease and how to deal with them. I would be very happy if this topic will join the same amateur and professional))
  Usually when people come to your store is almost always said that's saying so and so, keep the fish one, two weeks, but habitat conditions are ideal, but for some reason, all perished! Why? if it were to blame for aquarists that the rack store all the lives and grows, and dies at home! So that's just nothing happens for no reason at all - all have their prichiny.I I want to share what I know!)

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