lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

- Hey, why do you call this confusing Fly?
- And she is still afraid that if flies - its home pribyut.

- Do you have a recommendation from your previous job?
- Yes, I have recommended it to look for another job ...

There are two friends:
- How are you? Not yet married?
- All I can not find a mate!
- Well, marry one!

- You're a pig slaughtered?
- No, I talked with him - he understood.

- The girl with me that something is happening, I just place myself do not find!
- Calm down, young man, you're just not in my car got ...

- Mrs. Hudson, I just can not live without your coffee!
- Why, Mr. Holmes - it has so many morphine ...

- Who is buried?
- Yes, out of the guy who lies in a coffin ...

Passenger - a taxi driver:
- Do not you think it's time to clean the glass?
- Why, I forgot my glasses at home.

- What do you want a case of vodka, or eternal life?
- Box of vodka! Still seven billion years the sun will go out!

- Darling, you're the guy you meet? He's got no money!
- What are you, Mom! Yesterday I gave him a hundred!

- Oh, Vasya, yesterday we Natasha walked so many shops!
- You did not pass them, you went inside.
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