lookianov (lookianov) wrote,

Island Blondes

радостные люди на пляже

Here is the news. The Maldives have decided to make the island for blondes:) The island is planned to build hotels, entertainment centers and SPA-salons. Staff will consist of the fair-haired ladies. "Costumed-colored screen out at once", so said one man who started all this. I wish I could get into such beautiful surroundings, well, you poimayu)) gives blondes a resort in the Maldives will be specially created for this airline, in which flight attendants would be too blonde. With the pilots is not yet clear. It is interesting to others who may be visiting this island? also only blondes ?:))) so next time you need to build, and others, for example, bryunetochnye and red core)
Tags: travel
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