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How to choose advertising?

Until recently, the priority in the allocation of advertising budgets remain outside and indoor-advertising, slightly less than was spent on print ads in magazines. In general, we can not say that these types of advertising do not work. Recently, however, I am more corrective advertising budget toward the Internet. True, the need to convince the leadership of these steps was not immediately apparent. Case headway only after the director on the table was a full report on the activities of competitors, and they are increasingly mastering the Internet. In general, there is already some time with varying success mastering the Internet technology.

Of course, no experience, at first made a few mistakes. For a while I sincerely believed that sales can grow by simply increasing the traffic to the site of the company. It turned out that the relationship here is not quite straight. We are interested in active visitors who will buy something (albeit not very much), and are willing to pay for referrals, but, unfortunately, not all services are created for it, can boast of excellent performance.

Now, more specifically.

Our company sells clothes and shoes, some bags and accessories. Products designed for the mass market - that is not design clothes, but for ordinary people with average income. Tried a lot of things - and the context, and banners, and teaser advertising, and search engines optimized web site at. In general, trying to find a cure. As usual, one of a means was found, so now we use all of the above. But I want to tell it about the teaser ads, though, because the rest and so everyone knows, and the teasers are not yet very widely used to stimulate sales. We are involved in teaser ads last - first do not know about it and use traditional means, then already knew, but did not have time (and desire) to understand it. Had to understand, when we suddenly became the context of cost 20 rubles. for transition and looming prospects of re-divert the entire budget in-line. Actually, what I want to say about the teaser networks - they are still underestimated, and meanwhile, they show themselves very well as an additional sales channel.

We work primarily with three ad networks - Marketgid, Direct / ADVERT and Redtram.

For clarity, give figures for the teaser networks (for example DirektAdvert).

During the entire campaign period (March-September), our ad was shown 4,824,296 times and moved to our website 3796 people. As a result, average CTR of 0.08% has turned spend on this ad is 17 803 rubles. And the average price for the transfer of 4.69 rubles.

What about the conversion - it is lower, of course, than in the context, after all, teasers - this is a fairly general audience. On the other hand - our clothing refers to the mass market, and therefore theoretically interesting the general population. If we evaluate the conversion of the teaser networks and context into account the price per click - that will be released about the same efficiency. Only a teaser networks, you can save your advertising budget significantly.

Of the minuses teaser Network would like to note, as I call it, over a longer period of "acceleration-deceleration." That is, you can not expect that as soon as you press the "insert", a banner will appear at once. To reach a stable level of hits, enough to pass the time. What is it? I can not say in advance. It is determined by the number of competitors in the category and the price per click. It took us two days. If you have time targeted advertising, the Stop the slide show on a Friday, you may find some clicks and a Saturday. For some it may be critical, but because We are constantly spinning, it does not frighten us. Even the number of impressions affect CTR of the ad. At low values, promotional material simply drops out of the rotation. So constantly have to monitor the quality of: alter images, text copy. And who said that everything should be easy? But really popyhtet had to see the look of our ads on the site, as they are rotated with others, and to find them, we have long reaped the F5 key and not even on the same computer.

By the way, more importantly for me - to target. He, of course, there are many teaser networks. But not many can select a certain time the ad. For example, I need to see our ad in Russia - Central Region - Moscow Oblast - 9-00 to 20-00 and -10-00 to 21-00

Despite the fact that the teaser ads are still new and unexplored until the end. Refuse from it just not worth it, because the near future for her.
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