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We proceed with the context in teasers

I want to share their experience advertising on the Internet.

Now all those who are less versed in online advertising, know that something needs to sell - go to the context. Therefore, the content market is evolving rapidly. Many of my colleagues do not even try to consider something other than the context, while its prices are increasing. As a result, companies with small budgets like our (online shop selling lingerie) is becoming increasingly difficult to get a more or less a decent number of visitors to the site. And while buyers are becoming even less - we have it, frankly, less than 1%.

Since the increase in advertising budget can not expect (and not profitable for our product), we sought other ways of producing traffic.
We looked in the direction of banners, even called in a couple of places considered - unfortunately, goes even more context. In addition, it sells, after all, worse. If we were talking about the promotion of the brand - then yes, alternatives have virtually no mediyki. But as far as actual sales - there is clearly not cost the exhaust cover.

After a lot of trial and error decided to apply to the network teaser. Initially, this venture was considered empty, well, or at least questionable. Looking ahead, I will say that the results were quite on the level. Of course, the conversion teaser network loses the context, but it costs far less. And the possibility of a sighting adjust advertising campaigns teaser networks present. For example, virtually anywhere you can customize the geo targeting, targeting by time constraint on the budget. In this case, just as in the context, the payment is only for the transitions, not the number of impressions, like a banner. In the teaser you can show a picture that is important. But for us the decisive factor was the low price of the transition.
On average, we got 2.88 now. Click for a teaser networks against 4.69 rubles. CPC in context, and a 30% saving on the budget!
If we talk about the quality of traffic, it all depends on our experience, in many ways on how you compiled the ad.

According GoogleAnalytics, the depth of browsing traffic from the teaser actually worse than with the context, but not so critical. But the percentage of failures context broke the teaser loses.
For example, if you compare Direct / ADVERT and Direkt.Yandeks, we find that the depth of view adverts for 4.6 and 6.0 for Yandex, and bounce rate 49.73% and 65.48% respectively. A Yandex Metrica showed that, although the total number of conversions on the context a little bit more, but the number of pending conversions at lower teaser networks.

For those who do not know the pending conversion - this is a new feature metrics, which are allowed to count those visitors who did not immediately order online, and thought and came later. To counter such ordinary customers are lost. For us, this practice means that money invested in the teaser trailer will be returned quickly, as people who have come out more prone to spontaneous purchases.

You can, of course, assume that putting in context, you are investing in the future, but more importantly we get his now elementary to recapture costs - we can not afford to go far in the negative, we have a small business. On the distant future will think when I get to a stable level of sales.
Incidentally, the teaser and the network is suitable for those who believes that it is selected, all traffic from contextual advertising.

If someone is interested, I can then make a comparative analysis of those teaser networks, where we are located. About others I will not lie! I do not know, never tried.

By the way, maybe someone will offer us even some types of accommodation which we have lost sight of not knowing? OpenID and Facebook group we already use.
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