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разноцветная птица
  In the forests of New Guinea live birds with bright, silky and long feathers. This is a bird of paradise. For a long time, they attributed the therapeutic effect and fantastic abilities.
  There are over forty species of birds of paradise, many of whom live just in New Guinea, in lowland forests of the coast, the tropical forests in the interior of the island, and in wet mountain forests.
They are known for their bright plumage of males and spectacular views marriage. The size of the birds of paradise can range from 15 to 110 centimeters and weighs from 50 to 430 grams.
  Beautiful feathers of birds of paradise have long been valued by the Papuans and Melanesians. They went to the lush production of hats, were regarded as symbols of power. However, the natives hunted only a limited number of birds, not undermining the natural "stocks" are carefully guarded and kept from the neighboring tribes, they know the place the group of currents
  See the birds of paradise can be very easy, because they live deep in the forests, but local guides know the best point for observing birds in different parts of ostrova.Hotelos would ever see this bird of paradise, but it needs to go there.)
  Most of the birds of paradise "dance" in the trees, but there are those that enjoy a true representation of the forest edge. Once the bird finds a suitable place, she cleans it from fallen leaves and grass, and then trample down their "scene". On the branches of trees and shrubs, the male breaks off the leaves and makes a comfortable place for the "spectators"
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