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Stupid laws of love

Everyone knows that in the U.S. there are some curious laws, but few people know that these curiosities related to the most intimate aspects of life - sex.
For example, California has a law which says that for sex cat and dog must obtain a special permit.
Paradoxical law exists in the U.S. state of Utah: unlawfully engaged in sex with a man being taken to the intensive care unit.
In New Mexico, having sex in a car during a lunch break is prohibited.
Oklahoma law prohibits masturbation for a man who observes the activity of two other people having sex in the car.
Police Idaho prohibits making love to disturb less than two minutes after the warning signal.
In Pennsylvania, unlawful sex with a truck driver in his car.
In South Dakota are forbidden to engage in sex in a hotel on the floor.
In Wyoming law prohibits sex at the entrance to the store.
In Nebraska at the hotel to have sex only in a clean nightgown.
In Montana forbidden to have sex in front of the house after sunset.
In Nevada sex without a condom is not legitimate.
Living in Washington have no right to make love in the position that they like, unless it is "missionary". It also has a law prohibiting sex with a virgin.
Women are forbidden to the Kentucky show in a bathing suit on the roadway. The only exception is the case if it is accompanied by the police.
In Michigan, a woman is forbidden to cut their hair without the permission of her husband.
In Oregon, illegal to swear during sex with his wife.
In Minnesota, the husband is forbidden to have sex with my wife, if he smelled garlic or onions.
In Iowa, a man is allowed to do no more than three sips of beer during sex.
Illinois: If any of the partners at any time sexual intercourse to say "no", then his partner to stop. Otherwise, sex is consensual rape in turn.
In Santa Cruz, the man allowed to have sex with a woman and her daughter at the same time.
In Texas, there is a law forbidding pigs to have sex at the airport.
Law of Alaska is prohibited to have sex on city streets elk.
In addition, these strange laws about sex exist in other countries around the world.
For example, in the Middle East, Islamic law states: "After sex with a lamb mortal sin to use this lamb to eat."
In Lebanon, men are allowed to have sex with animals only female.
In Bahrain, a male gynecologist can look at the genitals of women in the survey only through the mirror.
In Indonesia, the penalty for masturbation - decapitation.
In Guam, there is a male profession, which is to go to villages to deprive girls virginity. The fact that the laws of Guam, Virgin has no right to marry.
In Hong Kong, his wife has a right to kill her husband, which she changed, but to do it, it can only bare hands.
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